The Hard Way to Peace: A New Strategy

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The Hard Way to Peace: A New Strategy

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Title: The Hard Way to Peace: A New Strategy
Author: Etzioni, Amitai
Abstract: The Book and the Author IN AN AGE of big bombs on a small planet, this book offers an American way to peace. Professor Etzioni analyses why both the Truman containment and the Eisenhower massive retaliation strategies were discarded, and outlines the probable consequences of the new Kennedy line. He discusses the sources of the cold war, the arms race, and the global clash of East and West, to assess in a hard-headed way various strategies now advocated. Unilateral and multilateral disarmament, the "balance of terror," Herman Kahn's deterrence policy, and the Pentagon's arms control are all critically reviewed. Drawing on his work as a political sociologist and on his experience in politics, Professor Etzioni offers a new way to peace that has already won many followers: Gradualism, an approach to counter the cold-war hysteria, is combined with an effectively safeguarded arms reduction system, a new policy to accelerate the modernization of underdeveloped countries, and with proposals for the formation of a global community and a New United Nations. The Gradualist way to peace may be hard, but the author points out that there are no easy ones. Amitai Etzioni, thirty-three, is an associate professor of sociology at Columbia University and a research associate of the Institute of War and Peace Studies. He is the author of three books and has published widely in scholarly journals here and abroad.
Description: Table of Contents Introduction: A Thermonuclear Chance 11 Part One: 1 The End of Containment and Massive Retaliation 15 2 Multideterrence -- Big Bombs, Small Bombs 32 3 Unilateralism -- A Hopeless Hope 60 4 What Is To Be Done. -- The Gradualist Position 83 Part Two: Three Armament Strategies The Perils of the Unmatched Race 111 5 Arms Control -- Making Arms Safe? 114 6 Multilateral Disarmament -- Security Without Arms? 128 7 Arms Reduction -- A Safe Way to Lasting Peace 141 Part Three: A New Political Strategy 8 World Government and Supranationalism 173 9 Development, Democratization, and Peace 202 10 A New Development Strategy 220 11 A Political Breakthrough 245 12 Epilogue: Nuclear War II? 258 Appendix: What the Bombs Can Do 267 Index 281
Date: 1962

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