Winning Without War

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Winning Without War

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Title: Winning Without War
Author: Etzioni, Amitai
Abstract: Since 1947, the United States has been adhering to a defensive strategy to counter expanding Communism. As world conditions have changed, the United States has modified its response. In some cases the adaptations have been fairly limited; in others, quite extensive; but the over-all strategy has remained the same. It is the central thesis of this book that the various piecemeal and segmental adjustments that have already been made now point to a new over-all approach. Only when the new approach, implicit in these measures, is faced squarely and explicitly will the full value of past innovations be realized, and the need for complementary ones be clear.
Description: I The Global Stalemate 1 II The Future of Blocs: China and France 27 III The Contest over the Third World 73 IV Intervention for Progress 111 V To Arms Control and Beyond 157 VI International Relations in the Nuclear Age 205 Index
Date: 1964

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