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Title: Darlington
Author: Frazier, Shawn
Abstract: Darlington is a collection of short stories showing the effects of lynching in the past, present and future. These stories and poetry are infused with elements of magical realism, fantasy and science-fiction. I chose to write this narrative through these literary genres because they allow me the freedom to move creatively. Speculative fiction (magical realism, science-fiction and fantasy), permits people to be aware of things that "realistic" literature isn't always able to do. The narratives revolve around a small imaginary town in American and shows how lynching impacts a community over a period of time. By mixing various literary genres and styles, I sought to explore a horrific period in America by showing how various generations within a community have dealt with this dilemma. Often stories that have explored lynching, have examined how it has affected and divided the black community. Darlington attempts to show different prospective on the subject and how the victim and victimizer are forever linked by this tragedy. The chapters in Darlington are called suites to illustrate a linkage that exist with each story. The stories in Darlington are not self contain, but are influenced by previous and ongoing events in the town.
Description: Degree awarded: M.F.A. Literature. American University
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/1961/11169
Date: 2012-08-22

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